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  • Name: AJL.ZG100 Automatic Glue-smearing Machine
  • Number: AJL.ZG100
  • Added time: 2016-12-08
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This gelatinizing equipment is the automatic gelatinizing equipment with independent intellectual property right that has been developed through  innovation. lt is mainly applied in gelatinizing of inner hole surface of  automobile damper and metal-rubber framework. lt completely solves the phenomenon of omission spray, error spray and waste of adhesive of traditional spray coating equipment both from principle and structure Meanwhile,the gelatinzing equipment has the advantages of automatic loading of materials,automatic spray of adhesive,dry and automatic unloading of materials. The main technical index reaches intemationally advanced level and fills the vacancy in the country. lt is the ideal equipment for outer circular surface gelatinizing of
automobile damper and metal-rubber framework.

The main technical parameters
★Take time: 4-6s adjustable parameter automatic control
★Glue-smearing time: 1-2s adjustable parameter automatic control
★Dry temperature: normal -100°C adjustable parameter automatic control
★Auto-rotation speed of parts: 0-240 rpm/min adjustable
★Dimension scope of applicable parts:D30-100mm,L30-100mm
★Air pressure: 0.7Mpa
★Voltage: 380V ± 10%,50Hz
★Heating power: 3.3kw*3
★Total motor power : About 2kw
★The equipment dimension about:L4900 * W2200 * H3200

technological process:
Artificial topping-Spreading-Automatic order of vibration-Preheating-Coating-Drying-Coating-Coating-Surface drying-Coating-Surface drying-Coating-Drying-Automatic discharge-Coating

Machine features
l.Manufactured following completely-new design concept, modem sheet metal process and technology of France, the appearance of the machine is exquisite and concise.
2.Automatic material loading and unloading system greatly reduce labor intensity of workers
and enhances the productivity. adopts the method of gelatinizing. There is no waste brought about by the adhesive mist and the splashing generated by the spray coating. lt has the function of environment protection and saving adhesive. Adopting the method of transmission gelatinizing, the utilization rate of compound is only 50~70%. Adopting this equipment for gelatinizing, the utilizationrate of compound can reach 95% and above
4.The adhesive system is equipped with automatic flow control system, which can guarantee that the adhesive is evenly sprayed. The thickness is adjustable. There is no phenomenon such as blockage in the spray gun and omission spray brought about by the traditional spray coating. adopts all-imported servo control system and unique design mechanism, which provide reliable guarantee for accurate positioning and quick and stable transmission of parts.
6.4-6s production rhythm,pre-heating,gelatinzing and drying is synchronously conducted. It is the perfect solution for mass and automatic gelatinizing.


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