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  • Name: Automatic Roller Coating Machine AJL.R90
  • Number: AJL.R90
  • Added time: 2016-12-08
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The coating equipment is independently developed and designed by our company.We have the independent intellectual property right and specialize in overall coating of auromobile parts,sealing part framework,damper metal parts,hardware,electrical insulation and the like small parts.The coating equipment possesses several advantages such as high automation,environmental prorection,high ptoductivity,energy-saving and the like,The main technical index has already reached and even exceeded that of the products of identical categort in the world.It is highly advanced in the country.


The main technical parameters

★Take time: 10-20min/barrel adjustable automatic control
★Dry temperature: normal -120°C adjustable automatic control
★Air pressure: 0.6 Mpa
★The volume of processing: 30-50L
★The largest processing workpiece weight: 50kg
★Voltage: 380V ±10%,50Hz
★Heating power: 10kw
★Total power motor: 5kw
★The equipment dimension about: L2600 * W1800 * H2500mm


Machine features
1.Manufactured with completely-new design concept,modern sheet metal process and precision processing process,surface plastic-blasting treatment,the dimension is exquisite beautiful and concise.
2.Fully-closed spray coating mode and multple-filtration of exhaust gas can satisfy the hight-quality emission standard.
3.The spray coating control system with exclusive technology can let the parts obtain the perfect surface quality.
4.The product can autonmatically unload the materials. It is energy-saving and environmental protection.It is the most perfext solution for automatic spray coating of large batch of small parts.
5.It adopts imported electrical control system and unique design mechanism.They provide reliable guarantee for long-time stable operation of the equipment.Each technical index of the products is more and more perfect.  


1, Decorative painting: a decorative fishing hooks, springs, buttons, nuts, furniture handles, caps and other small parts.

2, Anti-corrosion coating: for screws, nails and other small parts of the surface corrosion.

3, The sliding performance improvement spraying: O-ring for water-based lubricant coating, PTFE coating spray lubrication

4, Adhesive spray: for seal skeleton, skeleton automobile shock absorber bushings, brake seals, engine seals spray.

5, An electrically insulating coating: for the soft core and hard core, toroidal insulating coating spray.

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