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How to choose the shape of the rubber seal shock absorber?

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When choosing a shock absorber, we must understand its environment and its own shape characteristics, so how do we choose the shape and application range of the rubber seal shock absorber? Suzhou Angem tells you that the current adoption of rubber shock absorber components must be more natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile rubber (NBR), followed by the shock absorber with reclaimed rubber as the material, the hand feels hard and spring-free, the load-to-weight compression ratio is nonlinear, the surface is rough, the vibration damping effect is poor and easy Aging, this must be cautious in purchasing.

1. What are the types of rubber seal shock absorbers classified by shape?

1. Compression type: It is mainly used for the rubber seal shock absorber in the compression direction. The advantage is that the load bearing capacity is large;

2. Composite type: rubber seal shock absorber for compression and shear combination direction, with compression and shear characteristics;

3. Cylindrical type: This rubber seal shock absorber can be used for vibration damping in the vertical direction, axial direction, distortion, distortion, etc., and its load bearing capacity is generally large;

4. Shear type: The rubber seal shock absorber mainly used for the cutting direction has a small load bearing capacity.

Second, how to choose the application range of rubber seal shock absorbers?

1. Stamping equipment, the impact frequency should avoid the natural frequency of rubber shock absorber: such as punching machine, die cutting machine, press, etc.

2. Since the rubber shock absorber has the vibration damping function in all directions, such as automobile, aerospace and navigation, there are a large number of shock absorbers applied;

3. Vibration isolation and noise control of high-frequency rotating machinery: such as fans, pumps, generator sets, air-conditioning main engines, etc., the mechanical frequency should be greater than 1000 rpm when using rubber shock absorbers;

4. And other mechanical equipment.

It can be concluded that different products should use different products in different places. Different products will produce different effects. However, no matter what products we use, we should fully understand the characteristics of the products in the early stage, and only choose the right products. With the right place, the product can really serve us.


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