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Development and application prospects of automatic glue sprayer

Writer:安捷伦网络专员Date:Aug 5,2018

In recent years, along with the development of production and technology, electromechanical integration has been greatly developed. The automatic gluing machine has been widely used in the assembly and maintenance of mechanical equipment in China, which not only improves labor productivity, but also saves Energy and materials. Especially in the automotive industry, there is a certain sealing requirement for the joint surface of auto parts. The joint surface needs to be glued. The precision of the glue is very important to the performance of the car. Naturally, the automatic gluing machine is proposed to be higher. Claim.


In the past, the glue was applied by the manual of the worker, the efficiency of the glue was extremely low, and it was difficult to ensure the uniformity of the glue and the thickness of the gel. The automatic gluing machine not only ensures the uniformity of the rubber coating but also effectively saves the material, greatly improves the work efficiency and the work quality, and reduces the labor intensity of the workers. Therefore, for different work needs, the automatic gluing machine can use the frame robot or multi-degree of freedom robot to achieve the bonding of the bonding surface. At the same time, the application of this technology also means bringing huge economic benefits to the national enterprises every day.


With the continuous development of numerical control technology, electromechanical industry and high requirements for machine performance, automatic gluing machine will have a wider application prospect.

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