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Corporate culture

Corporate values

Innovation and Sense of urgency

Innovation is the source of life, and a strong desire to win it now.
Honest, trustworthy, ethical, unswerving.
Sustained progress
Self transcendence, the pursuit of higher goals.
Seamless collaboration.
Sense of responsibility
Accept the responsibility fell on us from our actions.
Execution and discipline
Strong execution and disciplined behaviors.
Corporate mission
To provide the most advanced, environmentally-friendly and efficient automation painting equipment for users of adhesives, paints, and coatings worldwide. Help the earth to stay away from pollutions with our efforts. We will have run the business under the guideline of integrity, strive for innovation, and lead the company to achieve growth. We will strive for the satisfaction of employees, customers, and society.  

Corporate philosophy
Specialization, integrity, transcendence, sharing.


Corporate vision

To become a well-known supplier of spraying systems and spraying equipment.


Quality Policy

Full participation, all-process control, continuous improvement, to provide customers with products and services.

Contact information

National Service Hotline:400-990-2688

Address:49, Changsheng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China.

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