Suzhou angem precision machinery co., LTD is located in suzhou industrial park, pu industrial park, is a the introduction of foreign advanced technology, collection development, design, manufacturing and processing is a body comprehensive enterprise.
Since its establishment in 2006, angem has been dedicated to the development and production of specialized machinery equipment for the automotive and electronics industries. The self-developed adhesive automatic spraying machine, automatic rolling spraying machine, automatic rolling coating machine and automatic reducing machine are advanced in China.The company successfully passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.Main products automatic phosphating line production line, automatic glue spraying machine has passed CE certification, and obtained many national patents. Main equipment patent no. Automatic rolling spray machine: patent number ZL 2016 2 0956187.7; Outer circle automatic gluing machine: patent number ZL 2016 2 0954403.4; Automatic glue spraying machine: patent number ZL 2016 2 0955339.1; Automatic reducing mill: patent no. ZL 2016 2 0955340.4; Automatic glue immersion machine: patent number ZL 2016 2 1012078.6... ).
Strong research and development strength, new product development and advanced research and development conditions have laid a solid foundation for the company's sustained and rapid development. Angem in 12 years has been focused on small and medium-sized parts research and development and production of the spraying equipment and spraying system, we always put quality first, best quality, more to implement the enterprise every employee insist on continuous improvement in quality in the heart, promote enterprise quality culture construction. Our outstanding team of engineers, bring your solution professional and timely technical support, technical consulting, technical exchange and training, help customers to solve technical problems, attaches great importance to the pre-sale post-sale service, improve customer competitiveness and commitment to the world of the use of adhesive, paint, paint enterprise provides a more advanced, environmental protection and efficient automatic coating equipment.
The company is famous for its excellent quality and considerate service. Its main products have been exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Japan and other countries. The continuously growing market needs countless innovative concepts that can outline future products. We firmly believe that innovation is the first driving force for development.
Angem is a famous supplier of spraying system and equipment in China. Welcome all friends to visit our factory.









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